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distinguished career of service - combat wounded veteran

Grandma's Marathon Recap

I finished Grandma's Marathon! I've always wanted to complete a marathon. For some reason I thought it was out of my reach. I guess I had been afraid I might fail and failure would certainly devastate me. Fear, they say, is the thief of dreams and having not run in 9 years, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to complete the run.

Fear of failure is often stronger than curiosity of success. Curiosity of success can lead to planning, motivation and determination to succeed, if fear is effectively mitigated.

 Dave Houston, Josh Revak and Vincent Antunez finish Grandma's Marathon June, 2016

Dave Houston, Josh Revak and Vincent Antunez finish Grandma's Marathon June, 2016

Fear is mitigated when the burden of challenges are shared. Alone we are afraid, together we are confident. I wasn’t alone in training, nor was I alone in the successful completion. I have a great team of people to thank for our success in finishing this marathon. Those who believed in me enough to donate, run with me, send prayers, or be at the finish line, to all of you, I thank you.

The team effort is what quelled the fear and gave me the confidence to chase the dream.

Aside from not being alone in facing challenges, I found that motivation and determination are significantly strengthened when there is a cause greater than self. Focus is shifted from fear of failure a sense of purpose. Those who donated helped raise nearly $10,000 for the USO Alaska and $1100 for, a hunting program in honor of my friend and fallen warrior, Shane Woods. My team, family, friends and all who donated to the causes in support of the marathon were a driving force for me. I am so thankful to have finished the marathon.

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